A Blank Canvas

Nov 1, 2015 by

A new and completely empty website can be intimidating. Staring at a blank canvas, the possibilities of what to create are literally endless. Make that first stroke with the brush, however, and suddenly the options become quite finite.

Placing too much importance on how best to create a new site can and often does lead to total inaction. Not so here at Pen o’Clock. We understand that while all decisions are important, there are none that cannot be changed. We also understand that it is impossible to know what the best first steps might be until they are fading from the rearview mirror.

So here we are, mucking about and very likely messing up a brand-spanking new website/blog. We’re jumping and we’ll learn what the site should be and how it should look as we go. That’s truly the best way to do just about everything in life. Pick a heading, set out, learn as you go, enjoy the journey – and never be afraid to stop and ask for directions.

What time is it?
It’s Pen o’Clock!


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